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  About The School  

About Fairview

Fairview School is a K-5 elementary school in the Fairview community of Habersham County, which is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia. Our school is 85 miles northeast of Atlanta. The school was established in 1938 to serve students in the surrounding community. We are looking forward to a new year in a our wonderful new facility. 

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


We know that:

  • Each child is unique and instructional methods must vary according to each child's learning rate and style in order to achieve success and a sense of satisfaction.
  • Competent teachers strive to create a safe environment which will provide opportunities for each student to explore ideas, to analyze beliefs and feelings, to develop positive values which influence behavior and to recognize the rights of others.
  • Teachers with high expectations will challenge the students with engaging, meaningful and relevant experiences to promote lifelong learning.
  • The curriculum must provide for the mastery of basic subject matter, development of problem solving and creative thinking, and technological skills which will prepare students for a rapidly changing society.
  • In order to provide the most effective leadership, teachers should participate in staff development opportunities which will expose them to new trends in education in order to achieve the system's mission.
  • Shared responsibility between the school, family, and community is necessary in promoting student success.


  • Students will be given the opportunity to achieve at their maximum potential to promote a desire for life-long learning, and to develop individual strengths and talents.
  • Students will develop social skills necessary to become productive members of society and to participate responsibly in our democratic society.
  • Students will be able to communicate more effectively through the development of writing skills throughout the curriculum.
  • Students will gain knowledge and experience in the use of multimedia technology to meet the challenges of our growing society.
  • Students will understand and accept cultural diversity and learn to appreciate the worth, value, and dignity of all individuals.

Fairview Elementary School:

seeks to provide a learning environment in which each student can acquire feelings of adequacy, an attitude of disciplined self-direction, and skills and knowledge for life-long learning while striving for self-fulfillment.

believes in the dignity and worth of each student in the unlimited potential for growth. The climate of the school should nurture and stimulate the student to search for new meanings in the context of the environment. The student will be provided opportunities in the fine arts to develop creativity and appreciation. To this end, it is believed that the school should assist each student in discovering and extending interest and talents and provide the means and opportunities for their expression.

believes the climate of the school should provide opportunities for each student to explore, to analyze beliefs and feelings, to develop values which influence behavior and to recognize the rights of others. The school community should stress the freedom to inquire, to challenge ideas and to examine alternatives while valuing the freedom of others and the discipline of responsible behavior.

believes the school shares with the family and other agencies of the community the responsibility for the development of the student. When communications among all significant persons in the life of the student is fostered, growth is perpetuated.

believes in the final analysis, all learning is personal; it is the knowledge and values acquired by the individual while interacting in a social setting. To learn to function effectively in the setting, the student must be given opportunities to work independently and to set goals and determine the means to achieve them. The student who has acquired the skills of critical thinking, who exemplifies respect for self and others and who demonstrates the capacity for self-direction and achievement is likely to attain self-fulfillment and to be a contributing member of society.

School Report Card

School Report Card